About the organisation

Spin-outs Denmark is a unique collaboration between all eight universities to deliver value and impact by lifting both the number and quality of research-based companies and promoting the business creations originating from the Danish research base. The program is funded by the Villum Foundation (2021-2026).

Our ambition

Research is leading to new knowledge and inventions. These must be innovated and transfered to solutions implemented in the real world. This is to solve societal challenges and create impact.

One way to create this transformation is by supporting young inventors to mature their idea, become an entrepreneur and creating a spin-out company that brings the solution to the market. This journey can only fully succeed with the right ingredients: funding, training, mentoring, network and support from the innovative ecosystem.

This is the ambition of Spin-outs Denmark.

Support for entrepreneurial researchers

  • They get their time funded for up to one year.
  • They are given the means to develop their ideas or technologies with commercial potential.
  • They are assisted by experienced mentors to develop both personal and commercial competencies.
  • They get access to activities and a network that can help them further on.


The project is funded by Villum Foundation with a 5-year grant of DKK 75 millions.
The project’s resources are spent on three instruments:

  • Capacity and competence building of university innovation, knowledge and technology transfer.
  • Professional and financial support for researchers who have the potential to become an entrepreneur.
  • Building a strong and well-functioning entrepreneurial community.


An international study has revealed that Denmark falls behind the European countries in which we usually compare ourselves when it comes to converting research into business. There is a need to strengthen the universities’ capacity and competences in technology transfer, to strengthen entrepreneurial culture in universities and to strengthen the cohesion of the Danish ecosystem for innovation.


All eight universities in the country, as well as a steering committee and an advisory board consisting of key figures, actors, experts and advisors from Europe and the United States, do this. The project is coordinated from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense.


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