What is Spin-outs Denmark?

Spin-outs Denmark is a one-year program that supports and invests in entrepreneurial junior researchers who want to transfer research, create impact and start a company based on research results. Spin-outs Denmark focuses on the development of the entrepreneurial skills-set and mindset of junior researchers while providing funding, support, training and tools to drive their spin-out projects forward.

Who can apply?

Spin-outs Denmark is for junior researchers who are qualified for a post-doc position or equivalent, employed by their university, and who are inventor or co-inventor of research results with commercial potential and impact.

What kind of projects are supported?

Efforts are primarily concentrated within natural science, technical science and biotech, and there are also opportunities for projects in social sciences and humanities.

What does the program provide?

  • One year funding up to 600.000 DKK plus bench fee and overhead.
  • Entrepreneurship skill development and pitch training.
  • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneur targeted your need.
  • Support from a business developer at the university.
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What will I achieve?

By completing the one year program, you will gain business competences and mindset. With funding, training, support, and mentoring, you can mature your ideas and product, approach the market and find potential customers and investors. This often will lead to the creation of a spin-out company or establishing a business plan for a future spin-out.

Who is behind the program?

Spin-outs Denmark is organised by all Danish universities, coordinated from University of Southern Denmark and lead by the steering committee. The program is funded by Villum Foundation

Interested in applying?

If that sounds like what your project needs, we’re looking forward to receive your application! The process will consist of both a written application and an oral pitch and should be endorsed by your department.

Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions left about the program.