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Entered program in 2023

Unlocking efficiency through data compression

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Gajraj Kuldeep Aarhus University (AU)
Data Compression

Byte2BitInsights focuses on developing innovative solutions for reducing the size of digital data. Our proprietary algorithms leverage advanced techniques to analyse and optimize data, resulting in significant reductions in data size while maintaining data integrity. By reducing the size of data, our compression technology helps organizations to optimize data storage and transmission, improving overall efficiency and reducing costs. We are dedicated to helping organizations unlock new possibilities for their businesses by optimizing their data management processes.

Gajraj Kuldeep

Gajraj is a research-minded entrepreneur. His expertise lies in signal processing and cryptography, spanning the entire signal lifecycle. His research led to novel data compression methods for IoT data. Innovation and efficiency are at the core of his professional pursuits, driving his passion for advancing technology.

This project is supported by Spin-outs Denmark, a unique program that invests in researchers who create more impact by starting research-based companies.