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Mini Power Pump

Entered program in 2023

Miniaturizing your chargers for a greener, more efficient, and lighter future.

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Christian Kampp Kruuse Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Power Electronics
Consumer Electronics

The Mini Power Pump utilizes cutting edge technical developments within the field of power electronics to significantly miniaturize our LED drivers, as well as our laptop and phone chargers. It uses a single stage topology rather than the conventional two stage topology solution, significantly decreasing the number of components enabling a three-fold size reduction compared to off the shelf solutions while maintaining efficiencies above 90%.

Christian Kampp Kruuse

Chrisitan Kampp Kruuse is the head researcher for the Mini Power Pump project and has a background in control systems design for automation systems and power electronics with a M.Sc. in the field. They are the developer of state-of-the-art high frequency resonance power converters with a focus on high efficiency and high-power density.

This project is supported by Spin-outs Denmark, a unique program that invests in researchers who create more impact by starting research-based companies.