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Lights, Camera, Innovation: Video Production Starts for Spin-Outs

August 9, 2023

Aaaand action!

Video presentations are becoming increasingly prevalent in pitching to investors and funders. An engaging video can leave a lasting impression, making the invention stand out amidst a sea of business proposals.

Therefore, Spin-outs Denmark have given all the entrepreneurs an opportunity to make a well-crafted video, that can effectively articulate the spinouts invention, and market potential, significantly increasing the likelihood of securing funding for further development.

‘A compelling video can highlight the practical benefits of an invention. By also illustrating the potential market opportunities, spin-out companies can attract interest from industries and stakeholders,’ says Rikke Lynge Storgaard, Program Director of Spin-outs Denmark.

Communicate with investors and the public
A professional branding video is yet another benefit from entering the Spin-outs Denmark program, and the work of the video creation has already begun.

Among the initial spinouts granted the opportunity to produce a video is the team from Nitrofix Solution.

Suzanne Zamany Andersen is the founder and CEO of Nitrofix Solutions, and she sees the video as an essential tool in the spinouts next step towards raising capital from investors.

‘The video will explain our vision and the technology behind it, and we hope to capture the interest of specifically investors for further funding, thereby helping us in our upcoming seed funding round,’ she explains.

However, the advantages of making the video extend beyond just that.

“We also learned how to effectively communicate with the public, how to build a good image for our brand, and how to be clear on the key message we want to convey,’ she concludes.

The hope is to produces 10 videos before early 2024.

Spin-outs Denmark is a unique program that invests in researchers who create more impact by starting research-based companies.