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Entered program in 2022

NitroVolt is developing an on-the-farm sustainable ammonia production unit

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Suzanne Zamany Andersen Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Green Ammonia

Direct emissions from ammonia production, a nitrogen-based fertilizer, currently emit ~1.3% of global CO2 emissions. The centralized production facilities are CAPEX intensive and therefore prohibitively expensive for developing countries.

NitroVolt have created a sustainable and scalable method to synthesize ammonia. This gives control of the production to the individual farmer, thereby increasing food security in remote regions. NitroVolt’s container-sized units just require (green) electricity, air, and water, to create (green) ammonia on demand.

Suzanne Zamany Andersen

Suzanne’s extensive scientific experience and intuitive knowledge has led to various breakthroughs and patents on the lithium-mediated ammonia synthesis process. As founding-CEO she will bring both a good scientific foundation, coupled with a personal drive to lead the company to success.

This project is supported by Spin-outs Denmark, a unique program that invests in researchers who create more impact by starting research-based companies.