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Entered program in 2023

An Ultrapure Water (UPW) Solution for Offshore Green Hydrogen Production

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Xianzheng Ma Aalborg University (AAU)
Water treatment

FiBrane is a groundbreaking method for efficiently transforming seawater into UPW for offshore green hydrogen production.

FiBrane’s technology enhances operational efficiency and reduces UPW costs, paving the way for a sustainable approach to green hydrogen production and advancing the adoption of clean energy solutions. While our core market is the green hydrogen sector, the versatility of FiBrane extends to areas like Power-to-X and the semiconductor industry, which demand streamlined UPW solutions. Furthermore, our technology holds promise in wastewater treatment, especially in settings where waste heat and renewable energy sources are abundant.

Xianzheng Ma

Xianzheng Ma, with a Ph.D. and master’s in chemical engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark, blends expertise in membrane technologies, water treatment, material development, and green transition. His innovative pursuits have manifested in commercially promising inventions, underscoring his aptitude for addressing market demands.

In 2021, Xianzheng’s innovative drive birthed FiBrane, a spinout born from the Horizon 2020 Project Ô.

This project is supported by Spin-outs Denmark, a unique program that invests in researchers who create more impact by starting research-based companies.